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​Krembo K

Main Talker, The Juggler,     El Gaucho, and The Master Manipulator

Talker Extraordinaire, a manipulator of words, the captain of raconteur, Krembo K has been juggling internationally for over 25 years.  Krembo has juggled everything ranging from razor-sharp balls to relatively dull knives.  El Gaucho, Krembo's alter ego, makes the ladies swoon as he weaves a tale involving La Pasta de Muerte.  Krembo K has graced stages from Egypt to Denmark and Alaska to New York. He is an original founding member of the Blue Monkey Sideshow.  Krembo's vision has brought the curious world of sideshow to new audiences all over the world. 

​​​​​​​Zja 'Dega

The Human Blockhead, Rubberman, and The Human Pincushion

As an infant, Zja 'Dega was abandoned on Krembo K's doorstep.  Krembo did his best to make this small, strange child happy, but his efforts seemed to be in vain.  Until one day, when Krembo had all but given up hope, he heard a gleeful shriek and found Zja 'Dega with a stick pressed deep inside his nose.  As Zja grew into a man the sticks turned into metal objects.  Today, Zja 'Dega travels with the Blue Monkey Sideshow, kept in a cage, let out only to share his perverse hobbies with an astonished audience.               

​​Freakshow Foley

The World's Strangest Strongman and Sword Swallower

Most prodigies are born, however Freakshow Foley is a breed of a different sort, a self-made prodigy.  Always restless as a child, Freakshow was never content with what nature gave him, so he took to body modification.  His earliest modification was to the tongue, at the ripe old age of 4. Performing since he was a child,  he has traveled across the U.S.  Freakshow has toured with Ward Hall's World of Wonders, The World Famous Wall of Death and The Pretty Things Peepshow. Freakshow is the newest member to join the Blue Monkey Sideshow. 

​​​​​​​​​​Swami B'mon

The Bulb of Enlightenment, Glass Walker, and Master of the Shrinkwrap

Known as the Mystic of the East, the Swami spent several years of his life in the foothills of Nepal.  To achieve enlightenment, this ​awe-inspiring man spent 16 hours everyday meditating.  His ability to lighten upon command comes from hours of contemplation and training.  After many years of study the Swami B'mon has come to know every blood vessel in the body, allowing him to perform treacherous feats without injury.  Swami has performed with the Monkeys for many years, and as a veteran performer has helped shape the mood and style of the show.

Skanky T. Barker

Musician, Barker, Master of the Bed of Nails

 Skanky T. Barker (aka S. Bart Simpson) is a native of Carmel, IN .He has received the Morton Brown Fellowship in Directing.
With over thirty years of performing experience including design, direction and theatre technology, Skanky is the quintessential sideshow man.
 On stage Skanky is our Musician, Talker, Fakir of The Bed of Nails. In addition he is a Knife Thrower, Scat Man and has become famous for the phrase “Fire in the Toe!